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BBQ Fest 2013 lineup announced

BBQ Fest 2013 will take place on Saturday, October 26th at the 7 Venue in Douglasville, GA. Tickets will be available for purchase on August 8th and the lineup is as follows: We Came As Romans Silverstein Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The Color Morale Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Shai Hulud Dangerkids Conditions Close To Home Erra City In The Sea King Conquer The Overseer Bermuda Face All Fears The Gift Of Ghosts HeartCakeParty Kublia Khan Those Who Fear Nothing Til Blood Barrier Native Suns Silence Octaves Prophet Encounters Steadfast Cosmoscope Come & Rest Vision For The Blind Glacius The Furiant Adelaide Building/Creating Arkanem Contempt Prior Audio Dose Demons Among Men Animals Ate My Insides


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sfthizz 8/6/2013 3:15:35 PM

poor shai hulud

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:19:25 PM

How does this make news, but Downset signing to Irish Voodoo Records doesn't

takeitdeep 8/6/2013 3:24:51 PM

lol Downset is in Europe! New singer,,hes ok.

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:28:35 PM

downset with a lowercase d. I think downset. should be on this carp fest..ANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:29:18 PM

I'm going teeth Watching. So whoever talks shit on this site better watch their teeth cause we coming for em.

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:29:34 PM

I think the word your trying to use is crap?

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:30:32 PM

Vision For The Blind lol best name ever! Downset is still a band?

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:33:21 PM

Animals Ate My Insides. That name is better. Why is everyone talking about a band I never heard of?

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:34:42 PM

because you suck and your only 18, Downset were cool in the 90's. I heard the new song, its cool for what it is.

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:43:30 PM

Let's rip on KC shall we? Nasty parting of ways with guitar player now he's back cause 2/4 of the band can't tour all of the sudden? What the actual fck??

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:44:13 PM

Oops that would be 2/3 and we're talking about the John Byrd story featured here a few months back

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:46:18 PM

fck yeah come and rest!

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:47:34 PM

hey at least I've heard of shai hulud.

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:49:05 PM

I heard of Silverstein

anonymous 8/6/2013 3:49:31 PM

I herd of Downset : )

anonymous 8/6/2013 4:07:47 PM


anonymous 8/6/2013 4:14:39 PM

ahhhhh shit HEARTCAKEPARTY!!!!!!! (what is this?)

anonymous 8/6/2013 4:19:23 PM

WHO??????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ????????ffrrrrrrrrrtt 66666666 69

anonymous 8/6/2013 4:32:53 PM

Really pumped to be apart of this show. If you plan on going, here's a new song of ours. Get familiar and come jam with us. tch?v=Eh36c7d0dIc

brassknuckleromance 8/6/2013 4:44:25 PM

one band (shai hulud) is worth seeing at this.

anonymous 8/6/2013 4:56:15 PM

First post = only necessary post. fck.

bees 8/6/2013 5:12:14 PM

what a surprise, hardcore kids doing a BBQ so they can show how "cool" they are while they sit in mesh shorts and talk about what crew they're in. frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrt

anonymous 8/6/2013 5:15:22 PM

carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest carp fest

shane_bATTIER 8/6/2013 9:29:18 PM

judging by the whack sounding locals, sageas is running out of usable bandnames. i mean, jesus christ...

anonymous 8/7/2013 5:46:42 AM

i heard from a reliable source Refused is on this.

anonymous 8/7/2013 7:48:12 AM

bbq carp fest

anonymous 8/7/2013 9:36:29 AM

Shai Hulud > every other shit band on this fest. Couldn't pay me to go see this.

anonymous 8/7/2013 10:36:32 AM

Who's dck did Tyler's mom have to suck to get barrier on This?

anonymous 8/7/2013 1:24:23 PM

somebody call 2003 and tell them we found their lost music fest...

anonymous 8/7/2013 3:52:00 PM

Oh cool bbq way to piss of the vegans. Shai hulud sucks

anonymous 8/7/2013 6:03:44 PM

they did a great job of spelling Kublai Khan, hooked on phonics mother fcker

anonymous 8/8/2013 5:27:04 PM

Ya hopefully The Overseer shows up for you guys. Those gays cancelled a bunch of shows and one of them I was gonna go too.

anonymous 8/19/2013 11:41:54 AM

i mean defonce has to be stoked he just booked a slew of bands ..right?

anonymous 8/19/2013 7:50:07 PM


anonymous 8/19/2013 7:52:05 PM

as animals eat my dck hole

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