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Reaper Records to release new Done Dying EP

Official press release: Practice makes perfect. Helmed by veterans whose friendships span decades and discographies run on for pages, Orange County's Done Dying is a prime example of pure old fashioned hardcore crafted in the hands of experts. One listen to their set and it's easy to believe that the lineup of Dan O'Mahony, Mike Hartsfield, Chris Lohman and Kevin Panter boasts mileage in such notable acts as No For An Answer, Carry Nation, Strife, Outspoken, Collateral Damage and Speak 714. With their previously released debut EP "Dress For Distress," their library of skills and experience is on full display throughout three of the most blistering, back to basics, pure HC tunes to hit vinyl in years. Done Dying are in the studio mid-July to record the "Shelf Life" EP due out later this year on Reaper Records.


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Snoopy2 6/23/2013 3:28:49 PM

Let me guess, another generic Metallica rip off hardcore band pressed in limited copies of vinyls charged at an overly expensive online retailer that's marketed off themes of friendship, family and unity. The world sure isn't sick of this crap yet and still cares.

Snoopy2 6/23/2013 3:29:52 PM

Please just shut up and go form another crew in southwest, please.

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