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The Contortionist announces new singer

Official press release: The Contortionist have announced Mike Lessard of Last Chance To Reason as their permenant vocalist, replacing Jonathan Carpenter who exited the band earlier this year. "We're very excited about this announcement. The run of dates we did with him as a fill-in were a much needed breath of fresh air. He brings to the table all kinds of new dynamics that will help fuel the progression of the band's sound onto the next record and onward," says Guitarist Robby Bacca. "I've been a friend and a fan of the band for a long time, so these are exciting times. I can't wait to hit the road and the studio with these talented gentlemen. I believe this to be the start of a beautiful experience," says Lessard himself. Lessard was just interviewed exclusively by Metalsucks where he reveals more detail behind the move, read that here. Last Chance To Reason will be scaling back their own activity but will be touring this summer with The Contortionist's very own Bacca on guitar.

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