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Suicide Silence: rumors of new singer unfounded

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 8:12 AM PT

During the past week, there have been rumors circulating that Suicide Silence has found a replacement for Mitch Lucker, who tragically passed away six months ago. Specifically, ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover has been rumored to be the band's new frontman. The talk seems to have picked up considerable steam during the last 48 hours as a simple Twitter search for "Suicide Silence" yields a slew of related comments and questions.

In addition to the fact that it seems unlikely that Suicide Silence would line up a replacement at this time, Hoover himself has now taken to Twitter to debunk the rumors, posting the following:

Ricky Hoover denies Suicide Silence rumors

So, for the time being at least, we consider the matter closed.

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