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Hex Records announces two upcoming releases

Official press release: Two new bands will be releasing records through Hex Records in the coming months. The first is Vancouver, BC- based Taxa (members of Damages, React Records). The post-hardcore band uses heavy bass tones, weird melodies and alternating male-female vocals that places them somewhere in the realm of Unwound meeting up with Mission Of Burma. They recorded a handful of songs, 2 of which will appear on their debut 7". One of the tracks (as well as a track not appearing on the record) can be heard here. The second release will come in the form of an LP by Syracuse-based Blood Sun Circle. When Engineer (Hex Records, Black Market Activities) called it a day the three brothers opened up a music store. The bug to create a new band soon followed and they paired up with a new drummer and began banging out songs that took a considerably different direction. They're still loud as hell, but picking up similar notions that bands like Young Widows and the Bad Seeds have been crafting, and putting their own take on it. They currently have a demo online and will begin recording right at their home base, Gorham Brothers Music. Check it here. Both releases will be out this Summer on Hex Records.

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