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Prosthetic Records to release Negator album

Thursday, March 14, 2013 5:42 AM PT

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records will release "Gates to the Pantheon," the new album by German black/death quintet Negator, in North America this spring. The album is scheduled to be released physically on May 14 and digitally on April 23 to coincide with its European release through Viva Hate Records. The band -- whose blistering "panzer metal" has solidified their reputation as one of Germany's top extreme metal acts -- is currently offering a free download of the single "Atonement In Blood" through CVLTNation.com here (listen below).

"Gates to the Pantheon," Negator's first new music in over three years, is the follow-up to their highly acclaimed third album "Panzer Metal." That release caught the attention of Swedish legends Dark Funeral, who subsequently enlisted Negator vocalist Nachtgarm to front their band throughout 2011 and 2012. The new album -- recorded at Hammer Studios in Hamburg with producer Eike Freese (Gamma Ray, Callejon, Dark Age) -- features nine bloodthirsty tracks (listed below) of pounding blackened death, hailed by Job For A Cowboy guitarist Alan Glassman as "one of the angriest-sounding releases I've ever heard -- a black metal masterpiece."

"Gates to the Pantheon" tracklisting

1. Epiclesis
2. Bringer Of War
3. The Last Sermon
4. Serpents Court
5. Nergal, The Raging King
6. Carnal Malefactor
7. The Urge For Battle
8. Atonement In Blood
9. Revelation 9:11

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