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Howard Jones (ex-Killwitch Engage) announces band

Monday, March 11, 2013 11:02 AM PT / 10,760 views

Official press release: Three undeniable talents from the world of heavy music have joined forces. Howard Jones: the former Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed frontman, who garnered two gold records and a grammy nomination during his decade-long tenure with the Massachusetts band. Francesco Artusato: celebrated solo artist and guitarist with All Shall Perish and The Francesco Artusato Project and John Sankey: drummer for the Australian band Devolved, who has also worked with Fear Factory and Divine Heresy. The sum total of the three is as singular as it is unforgettable. The band – whose name will be unveiled shortly - was born out of Artusato and Sankey's creative quest to stretch beyond their extreme metal backgrounds. The two had written over a dozen songs before even attempting to lock down a singer. "We were unsure if Howard would be interested," says Sankey." Yet, when Killswitch Engage's former frontman received the material, a creative ideal began to solidify. Finally connecting in Los Angeles during the last months of 2012, a highly distinctive sound began to become apparent. "It turned from bare-bones musical ideas into something that surpassed any of our expectations" says Jones. "It went from something we thought was going to be a fun, heavy project into something very real." It was during a recording session at the start of 2013 with producer and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader (Gojira, Fear Factory) that ideas began to alchemize into something none of the bands members would ever expect. "It became a departure from what I'm known for," says Artusato. "I wasn't focusing on technical guitar parts (even though I still love that aspect of writing) but simply on writing what felt best for each individual song." "It's a different style of music for me," says Jones. "It's heavy as anything any of us are known for but I get to do some different things people won't expect. I've been singing almost all my life. Being around good songwriters and musicians in my former bands really helped mold me into who I am now." Jones, Artusato and Sankey are currently solidifying a band line-up that will take the three talents beyond the studio and onto stages around the world. A full album will be recorded with Mader, is tentatively set for release at the end of 2013. The band is managed by Scott Koenig and Mike Gitter of King Artist Management.


anonymous 3/11/2013 11:07:03 AM

This should be interesting.

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:10:10 AM

Hope it isn't nu metal

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:11:46 AM

Thought he couldn't tour because of his diabetes.

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:14:55 AM


anonymous 3/11/2013 11:15:19 AM

/\ Nah bro, you're thinking of Wilford Brimley

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:15:36 AM

BHBS is not stoked

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:43:36 AM

I bet this will suck

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:58:32 AM

I bet it will too. Howard's high screams suck. He sounds like a scared little girl when he tries it live.

anonymous 3/11/2013 11:59:26 AM

This will go nowhere fast.

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:04:16 PM

I just hope that it isnt one of those bands that start something and then half ass do everything else. thatd be a waste of time. Howard has a great voice, and i hope that he does those vocals. Screaming isnt his strongest.

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:16:39 PM

red-heads are like a different species of people

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:18:11 PM

fcking sick, could be pretty cool

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:23:53 PM

I love how lambgoat cycles what can get have anonymous comments and what can't. Hoping for some racists comments? I'm sure you'll get some. Either way, how much heavier can you be in comparison to BHBS and ASP? Death Metal?

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:28:48 PM

^ drop-z nu-metal.

anonymous 3/11/2013 12:45:41 PM


anonymous 3/11/2013 12:52:05 PM

i hate fake super-groups

anonymous 3/11/2013 1:05:02 PM

lotta letters here

anonymous 3/11/2013 1:20:09 PM

/\ Nah bro, you're thinking of Wilford Brimley Hahaha! That and Quaker Oatmeal commercials

john_doe 3/11/2013 2:06:23 PM

hojo and the blowfish. book it.

anonymous 3/11/2013 2:40:06 PM

I will check this out. fo sho bitches

LLSSPoet 3/11/2013 5:39:38 PM

Blackened white.

anonymous 3/11/2013 5:56:49 PM

The ghetto is stoked

anonymous 3/11/2013 5:57:34 PM

Ignorant black people are stoked

anonymous 3/11/2013 5:58:33 PM

Ben orum cheats on his fat wife.

anonymous 3/11/2013 6:01:21 PM

Howard Jones: the former Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed frontman, who garnered two gold records and a grammy nomination during his decade-long tenure with the Massachusetts band. <sentence fragment.

anonymous 3/11/2013 6:44:24 PM

fck ya selves

SuckMeBeautiful 3/11/2013 7:13:16 PM

Howard Jones: the former Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed frontman, who garnered two gold records and a grammy nomination during his decade-long tenure with the Massachusetts band. <sentence fragment. permalink | report abuse Guess who gets a gold star on their paper?

anonymous 3/11/2013 9:18:04 PM

Great, another Black Metal band.

anonymous 3/11/2013 9:34:24 PM

how do you get a job as a press release writer? Blah blah blah, best music ever, blah blah blah.

HBDad 3/11/2013 9:51:42 PM

He referred to Blood Has Been Shed as a "former" band? Boo!

anonymous 3/11/2013 10:51:10 PM

howard jones enjoys tea

anonymous 3/12/2013 12:23:02 AM

Hoping for some 80's synth

anonymous 3/12/2013 1:39:57 AM

"Don't crack up, bend your brain, see both sides, throw off your mental chaaaains" chugga-chugga-chugga "OOH-OOH-OOOOOOH!"

anonymous 3/12/2013 3:48:28 AM

If you're excited for this band, please end your life. Derivative breakdowncore bands are stoked.

RickRock 3/12/2013 6:57:32 AM

The biggest, blackest boners.

anonymous 3/12/2013 7:08:34 AM

This could be great but the book report of text says its not tech ballsy metal? Those dudes are top of the game for that shit, why go backwards? *phones a clown hiring company for plumbing services via this logic*

anonymous 3/12/2013 8:45:07 AM

I heard a runor that howard used to let that pornstar bitch he was banging take huge shits on his face, god i hope this is true

anonymous 3/12/2013 8:54:54 AM

i believe it was taking shit-pissees on the neck

anonymous 3/12/2013 10:07:04 AM

Dio cover bands are getting the unemployment line as we speak .

anonymous 3/12/2013 10:43:30 AM

I'm not expecting this to be good... but I will check it out. Very doubtful it will be a patch on BHBS though

krangs_tiny_pebus 3/12/2013 1:26:23 PM

Take a look...it's in a book...The Reading Rainbow! I. CAN. DO. ANYTHING. Remember that show? Thats what this this jackass sounds like when he gets his emotional clean singing on. Guy sucks. Piss off

anonymous 3/12/2013 5:39:07 PM

^ nah bro youre thinking of wilford brimley

anonymous 3/12/2013 7:34:09 PM

Howard is a stinky filthy dirty black en eye gee gee e are

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