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The Ocean bassist steps down; fill-in announced

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:53 PM PT

The Ocean has announced that bass player Louis Jucker will be leaving the band for an indeterminate amount of time to focus on his studies. The group band has issued the following statement:

"We sadly have to announce that Louis Jucker will not be a part of The Ocean's live lineup during the upcoming touring cycle. Louis has decided to prioritize finishing his studies for the time being, which unfortunately is in conflict with our plans to tour heavily in support of our upcoming album. We are sad that we will not be sharing the stage with our good old friend Louis in the near future, but respect his decision of course. Louis has shared recording duties on our new album with our new dude, and will continue to be a part of the band, although he will not appear on stage with us in the near future.

"Time to introduce you to the new bass player in The Ocean, hence: he goes by the name Chris Camillo Lloyd Petrov Breuer, and not much is known about him aside from the fact that he is addicted to 3 things in life: coffee, playing sweaty live shows, and physical love. That fits great because we all are, aren't we...?

"Chris has been working hard on learning our back catalogue and we are 100% confident that he is the best possible guy to take Louis' place. After all, he has a lot less hair than Louis, and that again is something we all appreciate! Please give a raging applause for Louis for touring around the globe with us for 4 years! And the same to Chris for taking up the challenge in the future. Say "bye, Louis", everyone... say "hi, Chris", everyone!"

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