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Expire, Another Mistake, Black Ice tour dates

Expire has lined up a brief spring run with Another Mistake and Black Ice. Here are the dates: 3/29 Racine, WI @ My Wicked Way 3/30 Peoria, IL @ Brass Rail 3/31 Des Moines, IA @ Underground Rock Shop 4/2/ Denver, CO @ Blast O Mat 4/3 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shred 4/4 Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland 4/5 Santa Cruz, CA @ 418 Project 4/6 Camarillo, CA @Rock City Studios (Expire only) 4/7 Pomona, CA @ Aladdin Jr. (Expire only)


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anonymous 2/1/2013 12:44:29 PM

Expire are sick

anonymous 2/1/2013 12:51:04 PM

this is so awesome ive been wanting to see black ice

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:06:52 PM

Black Ice are a bunch of gays.

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:07:27 PM


anonymous 2/1/2013 1:08:24 PM

kids are currently learning the lyrics to all these bands so they can get crucial finger pointing pictures.

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:12:50 PM

air max's are stoked.

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:13:19 PM

iPhone camera's are stoked.

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:35:09 PM

kids are currently learning the lyrics to all these bands so they can get crucial finger pointing pictures. ^

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:38:12 PM

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:51:53 PM

What would make this tour super cool is having emmure on it.

anonymous 2/1/2013 1:53:30 PM

Terror was gonna be on this tour but Scott was not allowed to set up his favor booth for the tour dates. He could have just sucked dcked in the mens room on the D.L. but whatever.

Mitt__Romney 2/1/2013 2:37:27 PM

About 1500 kids are bedroom hardcore dancing, practicing their assess off.

brokenhero 2/1/2013 3:16:23 PM

i hope Lord Applebottom Jim Barron is still in Another Mistake

anonymous 2/1/2013 3:37:43 PM

Black Ice will be hosting a favor station at their merch table every night since they are gays.

anonymous 2/1/2013 5:42:50 PM

going on tour in the winter is another mistake, youll wreck on black ice and youll expire. amirite?!

anonymous 2/1/2013 5:48:15 PM

noke air, butt you! 666frrrrrrt9

anonymous 2/1/2013 6:03:19 PM

dudes that dont get much pssy are stoked

anonymous 2/1/2013 7:24:26 PM

^ We got a Deicide fan in da house

anonymous 2/1/2013 7:38:36 PM

I heard Duncan from Black Ice bones fat girls. Backed hard. Rest of the band are a bunch of tough guy wannabe pussies.

analcest 2/2/2013 7:30:06 AM

Cliff Burton is stoked

anonymous 2/2/2013 9:45:29 AM

Still waiting for the obligatory "band hits black ice, flips van" joke. Insert Here: hahaha I crack myself up!

anonymous 2/2/2013 10:27:06 AM

Everyone in the band Black Ice look like models for Sound & Fury fest. Dumb fcking gays/

anonymous 2/2/2013 4:25:03 PM ch?v=kmLmt_0XDb0

anonymous 2/3/2013 3:27:37 AM

this tour makes me want to curl in the squat rack

Hibuddywazup 2/3/2013 6:44:37 AM

Tour with five people in attendance at each city.

anonymous 2/3/2013 12:08:37 PM

Black Ice only gets support because of who they know. Their music is awful and they don't seem to be aware of it

anonymous 2/3/2013 12:37:15 PM

all music ever fcking sucks, don't ever listen to any of it. am I accepted by the prepubescent cynics now?

anonymous 2/3/2013 9:00:53 PM

Its a good thing black ice is too fcking ugly to get any groupies, there are already enough nu-metal babies running around without these fornicators contributing.

anonymous 2/15/2013 1:09:36 AM

Best tour of the year by far. Expire is awesome and Black Ice is totes the music I listen to when I want to pi$$ off my mom after she makes me go to church. I haven't heard of Another Mistake but have heard many a good tale. Overall this tour has some of hardcores biggest up n comers. I'M SITTIN AT FULL STAFF JUST THINKING ABOUT DAT PIT.

anonymous 2/15/2013 1:18:51 AM

Black Ice has almost killed a lot of touring bands. Hopefully they stop making vans flip...A holes

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