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Volumes frontman 'jumped' at Rocketown show

Volumes frontman Michael Barr was apparently involved in an altercation last night at embattled Nashville, TN venue Rocketown. Details are sketchy at this point, but the "official" word is that Barr was jumped by venue security after dedicating a song to a gay friend. Volumes bassist Raad Soudani had the following to say via Twitter:
"Heard about this venue Rocketown, went in completely positive, we dedicated a song to a gay, got banned, then my singer got jumped. How modest... My singer gets jumped by security, gets death threats. I'm sick of it."
For what it's worth, we've received various tidbits of information regarding last night's incident, none of which are consistent. For instance, here was an email we received with a different perspective:
"Volumes singer Mike Barr was involved in a fight tonight at Rocketown. He and Volumes are trying to play it off as though he was 'attacked' after dedicating a song to a gay friend to raise problems after the Rocketown and anti-gay support. But the truth is, after their set, Barr was drunkenly hate moshing in the crowd and after being warned, was hit after purposely hitting one of our friends, who is a girl, in the crowd. He is a complete asshole and deserved it. And was not 'attacked' for sticking up for gay-rights. 90% of the kids who attend Rocketown do not agree with their message, but it's the only place that hosts their favorite bands. They are not all bible bashing, ready to attack gay-rights activist like Barr and the band are trying to state. I along with several of my friends are witnesses to this account."

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