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Rise Records signs Bleach Blonde

Official press release: Denver, CO alt-rockers Bleach Blonde have signed with Rise Records and released their self-titled EP today. The EP is now streaming in its entirety on A full-length is expected later this year. Timing is everything and Bleach Blonde is fast on the path to success. After officially founding the band less than six months ago (in August of 2012 to be exact), the group, featuring Danny Stillman and Danny Cooper of Drop Dead Gorgeous, came together when frontman Stillman (aka "Stills") began writing via email with guitarist David Barella and Cooper, who lived in LA at the time. A month later, the trio joined forces with guitarist Michael Payne and bass player Coty Eikenberg. The five members officially formed Bleach Blonde, a name reminiscent of shared memories in Venice Beach and an homage to Nirvana. Stills says the group has found inspiration for their "mainstream sound with an underground twist. We aim to think outside of the box and strive for a sound that we can call our own." Bleach Blonde plans to record their debut full length (due out next summer) with Kris Crummett (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dance Gavin Dance) and "take over the world," jokes Stills.


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anonymous 1/22/2013 1:20:33 PM

Atreyu is stoked

anonymous 1/22/2013 1:23:25 PM

Slow news days are stoked. Also anyone who likes horrible music.

anonymous 1/22/2013 1:37:40 PM

Formed six months ago...

anonymous 1/22/2013 1:38:49 PM

^formed LESS than six months ago... wtf

anonymous 1/22/2013 1:49:01 PM

Mike Reynolds is stoked

anonymous 1/22/2013 2:10:09 PM

Quite literally, NOBODY cares.

LoydChristmas 1/22/2013 3:20:54 PM

is everyone in that band the same guy? this shit isnt surprising one bit for Rise Recs

Tonybrummelsloveslave 1/22/2013 3:29:47 PM

I'm excited to fck another man's jerk while listening to this band! STOKED!

anonymous 1/22/2013 3:33:17 PM

You people are so fcking cool. Go die.

anonymous 1/22/2013 4:31:12 PM

Dude what ever happened to Rise Records, they used to be such a good label? So many really cool christian bands that had like really cool band members that I would hang out with and talk about Jesus. -said no one ever

iwilladapt 1/22/2013 4:42:37 PM

Rise Records... ahahahahahaha!!

genghisjohn 1/22/2013 8:46:13 PM

they snap-freeze gays with their favor skillz

anonymous 1/23/2013 12:10:43 AM

We should deport this band back to Algeria where they belong with the rest of Al Qaeda and send the leaders to face trial in Syria. Along with Mike Reynolds for giving my band a bad rep just cause he can't admit that he's gay.

anonymous 1/23/2013 12:13:19 AM

^^^^ that isn't a member of For Today speaking just an emissary. For Today as a band cannot speak out against gays cause they will get blacklisted if they do by the homos that run the music industry.

anonymous 1/23/2013 5:19:11 AM

"mainstream sound with an underground twist." This isn't possible

anonymous 1/23/2013 6:17:44 AM

shit is legit awful. cant believe they mentioned the word nirvana in this statement. fck everyone.

anonymous 1/23/2013 6:52:39 AM

bleach blond butthole boys

anonymous 1/23/2013 7:30:21 AM

unspeakably better than DDG. but still worthless shit.

anotherfaggotmovie 1/23/2013 8:18:16 AM

take over the world," jokes Stills.take over the world," jokes Stills.take over the world," jokes Stills.take over the world," jokes Stills.take over the world," jokes Stills.

populationcontrol 1/23/2013 5:42:51 PM

What does this have to do with metal and hardcore??

anonymous 1/29/2013 10:14:34 AM

everyone here should grab a shot gun and shoot themselves in the face in honor of Kurt Cobain.

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