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Freya announces deal with Deadlight Entertainment

Official press release: Metal juggernaut Freya, has inked a deal with French label Deadlight Entertainment (Peter Dolving, Synical, New Rising Son) for the European/Asian release of their forthcoming album "Paragon Of The Crucible." Fronted by Karl Buechner, (Earth Crisis, Path of Resistance) Freya has been crushing it out for 10 years. They have produced 3 full length albums, including 2009's monolithic "All Hail the End". "Paragon of the Crucible" continues their evolution and re-imagining of classic thrash, death metal, while infusing dense melodies throughout. The record even features a guest solo on the track "Serpentine" by, Paul Waggoner (Between The Buried And Me) which is available for streaming on the label website at Deadlight Entertainments' boss, Alex Martinez had this to say about the relationship : "We are truly honored to welcome Freya to our family. They posses an extremely high quality of songwriting and musicianship. All that music coupled with Karl's lyrics and vocals makes for an intensely epic sound! Working with Freya was a no-brainer, especially because Karl's work has been a huge inspiration for our bands Primal Age and Martyrs." "Paragon of the Crucible" will be released early 2013 by Holy Mountain Music in America and Deadlight Entertaiment internationally.

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