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Party At The End Of The World (TX) lineup

Official press release: If the conspiracy theorists are right and December 21, 2012 marks the apocalypse, Red 7 will provide the perfect soundtrack, as a cataclysmic lineup of Austin's metal, punk and rock legends come together for one last blowout show. Recover, At All Cost, Employer, Employee, Pack of Wolves, Visitors and Assacre are all confirmed for one-time reunions at the party, with sets from the Krum Bums and Spiritual Wives. Full lineup listed below. With fiercely loyal cult followings, the bands reuniting for the show were extremely influential for many young musicians in Austin, and served as springboards for countless musical careers. "These bands pushed the limits of Austin's music scene during their time, and sadly, weren't appreciated until after they had disbanded," says Red 7 Manager Joaquin Ramirez, who put together the lineup. Members of Recover went on to form Young Love, who released two successful albums on Island/Def Jam Records, and their drummer, Jimmy Vela, now plays with The Sword. Mike Carrigan (At All Cost) is now touring the world with metal giants Darkest Hour, and Trey Ramirez (At All Cost, Pack of Wolves) has teamed up with Jason Reece (Trail of Dead) to form Spiritual Wives, to name just a few of the seminal scene's musical offshoots. Vela, who will play with Recover during a short break from The Sword's massive world tour, says he's not sure exactly what it is about his old band's music that still resonates with so many fans, but he's excited to reunite with friends. "We may have just hit the right chord within certain people. We are thankful people still consider us their favorite band," he says. "We all usually come home during the winter holidays so its fun to be able to have the opportunity to do these 'get together' shows since we all live in separate cities. Recover obviously isn't our main objective any more, but it will always remain part of who we are." The show further cements Red 7's reputation for pulling in seemingly impossible lineups, including At The Drive-In's first show in 11 years and a recent surprise show from Green Day. "Once bands play here, they get involved with us, and it's hard to play anywhere else," says Ramirez. "We love to make the musicians we admire happy." A limited number of reduced-price Early Bird pre-sale tickets for the "Party At The End Of The World" are available now via Transmission Entertainment. "PARTY AT THE END OF THE WORLD" LINEUP: Recover At All Cost Employer, Employee Krum Bums Pack Of Wolves Visitors Spiritual Wives Assacre

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