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Death: Spirital Healing deluxe reissue announced

Sat, October 13, 2012 6:33 AM PT2,715 views

Official press release: The next chapter in Relapse Records's Death reissue campaign is the landmark, genre-defining album Spiritual Healing. Originally released in 1990, Spiritual Healing marked a new turn in the Death discography, one which ushered in cleaner production, a new level of boundary pushing musicianship and songwriting skills that were previously unimaginable from a metal band. Spiritual Healing sets the standard for riffs, insane time changes and of course mainman Chuck Schuldiner's masterful guitar solos. Now reissued as a double CD housed in super deluxe packaging featuring brand new liner notes from Death players James Murphy and Terry Butler, Chuck's sister Beth Schuldiner and Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen, Disc 1 features a completely new remaster of the original album and Disc 2 contains 16 previously unreleased rehearsal, outtakes and studio instrumentals. A remastered version of the track "Living Monstrosity" can be heard here. In addition to the 2-Disc edition, limited edition (2000 machine numbered copies) triple CD digipak will be available exclusively from www.relapse.com. The third CD features a never before released live set recorded in 1990 featuring the Spiritual Healing Death line up. An iTunes deluxe edition will also be released containing 5 additional previously unreleased pre-Human rehearsal tracks not available on either of the CD versions. The entire tracklisting is available below. Spiritual Healing is set for a November 20th North American release date, November 23rd in the Benelux / Germany / Finland, and November 26th in the UK and rest of World. Spiritual Healing follows the recent Relapse Records re-issues of Death classics Individual Thought Patterns, The Sound of Perseverance, Human, and the live collection Vivus! plus Chuck Schuldiner projects Mantas and Control Denied. Like those reissues, this collection will contain extensive liner notes from previous members and never-before-seen photos of the band. Spiritual Healing track listing: Disc 1 Spiritual Healing - Remastered 01. Living Monstrosity 02. Altering The Future 03. Defensive Personalities 04. Within The Mind 05. Spiritual Healing 06. Low Life 07. Genetic Reconstruction 08. Killing Spree Disc 2 Spiritual Healing - Rehearsals 01. Altering The Future 02. Defensive Personalities 03. Within The Mind 04. Within The Mind - Take 2 05. Spiritual Healing 06. Killing Spree Spiritual Healing - Studio Instrumentals 07. Defensive Personalities 08. Spiritual Healing 09. Within The Mind Joke / Jam Tracks 10. Satanic Jam 11. Primus Jam 12. Jon a Qua - Take 2 13. Jon a Qua - Take 3 14. Jon a Qua - Take 4 15. Jon a Qua - Take 5 16. Jon a Qua - Take 6 Disc 3 Live at Streets, New Rochelle, NY March 17th, 1990 01. Living Monstrosity 02. Pull The Plug 03. Zombie Ritual 04. Spiritual Healing 05. Left To Die 06. Defensive Personalities 07. Genetic Reconstruction 08. Open Casket 09. Within The Mind 10. Leprosy Unearthed Pre-Human Rehearsals 11. Suicide Machine 12. Together As One 13. See Through Dreams Digital Deluxe ONLY Bonus Tracks 14. Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 2 15. Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 3 16. Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 4 17. Together As One - Unearthed Version 1 18. See Through Dreams - Unearthed Version 2


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anonymous 10/13/2012 8:19:44 AM

Death was always overrated and boring

ineedsalt 10/13/2012 9:07:13 PM

no they werent. Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing Spirital Healing

AdamSuperfan 10/14/2012 2:54:05 PM

if you don't like Death, I'd hate to hear what you do like, and what bring you to a site like this. I'm interested to hear what "Primus Jam" is...

AdamSuperfan 10/14/2012 2:54:16 PM


anonymous 10/14/2012 7:05:57 PM

"Death was always boring and overrated" get the fck out of here and shove some more dicks into your ears

anonymous 10/15/2012 6:55:35 AM

Death was always overrated and boring I'd LOVE to hear what bands you feel AREN'T, you are a fcking uneducated, petulant stupid child with no worthy opinion. fcking kill yourself you awful clueless gay

anonymous 10/20/2012 9:43:48 PM

About damn time. This album has been out of print for way too long.

shreves 10/23/2012 9:22:50 AM

I can't tell if you are just trolling or if you are just retarded. I will be ordering this for sure.

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