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Misery Signals news and notes

Tuesday, November 12, 2002 8:52 PM PT

Following several months of preparation, Misery Signals has now lined up their first show, which will take place on November 15th at 2427 Pierce Street in Milwaukee, WI, followed by the Jim Grimes Birthday Show, and a show in Buffalo on the 17th. The group consists of Ryan Morgan and Kyle Johnson (7 Angels 7 Plagues), Jesse Zaraska (Compromise), Jeff Aust (Hamartia), and Ryan's brother Branden Morgan. Following the aforementioned shows, the group will be entering Bionic Studios in Milwaukee from November 18th through the 22nd to record their debut EP. The effort will feature five songs and will see a release on State Of The Art Records, the label of Matthew Mixon (ex-7a7p) and Jesse Smith (the Killer). Soon after recording the EP, Misery Signals will be hitting the road for several weeks with Every Time I Die and Remembering Never, followed by a tour with Undying and Wage Of Sin. The group also has tentative plans for a tour with Bury Your Dead extending into mid-February. Any questions regarding the group or their impending tours should be directed here.

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