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Revocation, A Life Once Lost, KEN Mode

The fall tour featuring Revocation, A Life Once Lost, and KEN mode has officially been announced. Dates are as follows: 10/18 Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Champs (no KEN mode) 10/19 Quebec City, QC @ L'Union Commercial 10/20 Toronto, ON @ WreckRoom 10/21 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar 10/22 Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge 10/23 St Paul, MN @ Station-4 10/24 Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo 10/26 Calgary, AB @ Vern's 10/27 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop 10/29 Tacoma, WA @ The Lochs 10/30 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Lounge 10/31 Portland, OR @ Rotture 11/1 San Francisco, CA @ The Sub Mission 11/2 Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar 11/3 Tempe, AZ @ Chaser's 11/4 El Paso, TX @ House Of Rock 11/5 San Antonio, TX @ Korova 11/6 Austin, TX @ Red 7 11/8 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade 11/9 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall 11/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie 11/11 Albany, NY @ Bogie's 11/12 New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall 11/13 Boston, MA @ Great Scott 11/14 Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques

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anonymous 9/13/2012 6:01:10 PM

It's all about balls.

Everyone_Is_Pathetic 9/13/2012 6:25:16 PM

^ fck that.

anonymous 9/13/2012 6:41:20 PM

These three bands are a perfect tour combo, all extremely technical/progressive in a pretentious way but lacking in the way of catchiness or melody. They should have Converge headlining playing all their songs from You Fail Me and later. Uh oh, I shouldn't say these kinds of blasphemous things on lambgoat...oh well.

anonymous 9/13/2012 8:19:23 PM

^fcking loves asking alexandria

anonymous 9/13/2012 9:11:25 PM

Come to Denver god dammit.

blankzzz 9/13/2012 9:13:16 PM

asking alexandria should definitely be headlining this

IG88 9/13/2012 10:38:27 PM

KenMode is way too good for this tour.

big_metal_al 9/14/2012 8:26:45 AM

macs bar? count me in i guess.

Snoopy2 9/14/2012 9:37:14 AM

LOL @ ALOL not disbanding after 2002 was the biggest joke of all

anonymous 9/14/2012 9:48:53 AM

Dudes with long dirty hair no job shit stained jeans bumming smokes off people are fckin stoked to go hang in the parking lot banging their head are stoked for this tour.

anonymous 9/14/2012 1:45:04 PM

I hope Bob is wasted and puking onstage again.

anonymous 9/15/2012 9:51:13 AM

I love how when ALOL was endorsed by Jagermeister back then there was a poster of the dudes in the band holding their product and shit. At the bottom of the poster it says "A Life Once Lost -- Dedicated to playing music, not underaged drinking." Yeah fckin right you gotta be out of your fcking mind to tolerate such unbearable fcking shit music and not be inebriated out of your poor pathetic skull

anonymous 9/15/2012 9:53:57 AM

and stop trying to be Meshuggah you gays

Everyone_Is_Pathetic 9/16/2012 1:33:59 AM

^ Says the one trying to be an internet hardass. gay.

marching_band_rules 9/16/2012 12:26:37 PM

the second i hear surreal atrocities start i am fcking moshing

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