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On Broken Wings finishing up new album

Friday, September 07, 2012 4:42 PM PT

Official press release:

Boston's On Broken Wings is set to finish recording the tentatively titled Summer Solstice this fall at Darkside Audio. Darkside Audio is the recording studio owned and operated by guitarist Mike McMillen. The new album will be the proper follow-up to 2005's It's All A Long Goodbye, as 2007's Going Down was a re-release of the band's 2001 debut Number One Beautiful with four new songs. A recurring theme for each of the former releases, including 2003's Some of Us May Never See The World, was the addition of "I Do My Crosswords In Pen" on each release. When asked whether or not the track would appear this time around, Mike McMillen laughed and commented, "No, that song is done!"

However the tracks featured on the Summer Solstice Single, "Crowns Meant For Kings" and "Ego Ideal," will be on the forthcoming release and offers a glimpse into the band's current sound, which is the vintage On Broken Wings. The tracks may currently be heard on Facebook, and has received nothing but positive feedback since they were released. The two track single may also be purchased from iTunes.

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