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ex-Demon Hunter guitarist: I am not a Satanist

Friday, August 03, 2012 12:54 PM PT

Official press release:

Ryan Helm (Damien Deadson, ex-Demon Hunter, The Ascendicate) has recently had some rumors swirling around his lyrical content and religious views. He has released the following official statement:

"Normally I would not even address such petty ridiculous accusations, but this rumor has gotten so out of control that it is starting to affect me on a financial level. For the record; I, Ryan Helm am not a Satanist, and neither is my band Damien Deadson. None of the lyrical content or meaning is Satanic, or even remotely evil or even promotes evil or harm spiritually or physically. Hopefully this can put to rest any doubts, fears, and rumors of me, my band, and band mates being Satanist. Now, can we all just get back to playing metal?"

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