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Update on ex-Drowningman band, Escapist

Saturday, October 26, 2002 9:51 PM PT

The remaining members of Drowningman (i.e. everyone but Simon Brody) have officially set their new band name as Escapist. The group features Javin Leonard, Frank Smecker, Andrew Abramowitz and Dave Joyal, all members of the most recent Drowningman lineup. The band is still in search of a vocalist though, and here's a statement from group regarding their current situation:

"Thanks to everyone who has sent in demo submissions. Unfortunately, we are still actively searching for a vocalist. The majority of the demo submissions have been screaming vocals, which is cool, but for this new project we are not that concerned with the ability to scream. Instead we are looking for a dynamic voice that can blend nicely with the music. Here are [see below] three demo songs that we recorded in the famous Low-tech studios in Burlington. Unlike "Best Record Ever," I promise we were all sober and fully functioning at the time of recording. In fact we are really excited about the new material we have produced. To us these songs still have elements of old Drowningman, while introducing new stylistic changes. If you are interested in trying out please, contact the band at Sorrowsage6@aol.com. You can email any questions at this address and the official website should be up in about three weeks at www.Escapist.org. Once we find a singer, we will announce plans of the release for our first EP or full-length album."

Lambgoat has obtained and uploaded the three aforementioned tracks to our server, and you can download them below:

track 1 / track 2 / track 3

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