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The Faceless unveils album release date, trailer

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 8:52 AM PT

A release date has finally been confirmed for The Faceless' new album. Titled Autotheism, the effort will hit streets on August 14th via Sumerian Records. Of course, the effort had originally been scheduled for a July release date, so who knows. Regardless, Autotheism has indeed been completed and the following trailer is now available online:

Band mastermind Michael Keene comments: "I have never been prouder of any musical offering I have ever created. This record is both punishing and diverse. It covers so much ground musically, while retaining a clear focus. The time spent, plus the new personnel and the life experience of several years have culminated in this records' sound and created something that surpassed my original vision of what it would be. I think that listeners will find Autotheism to be both more adventurous and daring, as well as more memorable and captivating than ever before."

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