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Job For A Cowboy borrows Red Chord member for tour

Official press release: Job For A Cowboy are currently readying for their month-long Summer Slaughter trek, set to commence next week in Los Angeles. Bassist Nick Schendzielos will be forced to sit out part of the run due to a family emergency. The band will be joined temporarily by The Red Chord guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie. Comments Schendzielos: "Hey friends: On June 28, immediately after landing in Boston to rehearse for Puerto Rico/Summer Slaughter, my girlfriend was in a head-on collision on her scooter. She sustained very serious head and bodily injuries. I flew right home, and we've been in the ICU for a week and are still in the hospital to make sure everything is okay. She needs 24/7 supervision for at least two weeks once we get out of here, so I'm very grateful to announce that Gunface from The Red Chord is going to help me out filling in on Summer Slaughter until I can meet back up with it. We love the dude very much and it's going to be really cool for both JFAC and TRC fans to see. Enormous thanks for understanding this difficult situation and I'll be back as soon as possible!" Adds McKenzie: "I'm excited to be playing with JFAC on this tour. Great dudes in this band as well as in the bands on Summer Slaughter. Playing bass is a little different for me but definitely an interesting challenge. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out on the road again. Nick's bass work is incredible and I'm working hard to get all of his parts down. Sending positive vibes out to him and his lady."


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anonymous 7/12/2012 12:21:17 PM


anonymous 7/12/2012 12:22:34 PM

^^Guy who actually hit her and now feels guilty about it.

jon 7/12/2012 12:33:12 PM


ineedsalt 7/12/2012 12:34:43 PM

that sucks, hope she heals up quick. however, nobody misses the bass player so you are all set there buddy

anonymous 7/12/2012 12:49:30 PM

Scooter flip.

ineedsalt 7/12/2012 1:00:38 PM

thats kinda fcked up but LOL

anonymous 7/12/2012 1:03:13 PM

Who the fck gets in a head-on collision in a scooter? Was she at a scooter derby or something?

jon 7/12/2012 1:13:43 PM

Accidents happen that are beyond our control. Havent you seen final destination?

maclynb 7/12/2012 2:32:06 PM

<3 gunface

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 7/12/2012 2:35:59 PM

Job For An ICU Nurse

LoydChristmas 7/12/2012 3:04:40 PM

Job For a Cowboy borrows Red Chord's whole musical formula.

anonymous 7/12/2012 4:42:43 PM

^ you've peaked, get over it

anonymous 7/12/2012 5:12:56 PM

Wants Stomach Earth now.

bardamu 7/12/2012 5:47:56 PM

both these bands need to all get into scooter accidents

anonymous 7/13/2012 6:20:27 AM

Someone has to say it: Taking care of his girlfriend is a real job for a cowboy

anonymous 7/14/2012 8:42:49 PM

^^^^ Must have spent four years at Yale to come up with that brilliant comment.

anonymous 7/15/2012 8:39:19 AM


anonymous 7/15/2012 10:31:04 AM

^^^^ Uses caps lock so people have a greater chance of noticing his comment. Pathetic.

anonymous 7/15/2012 2:34:06 PM


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