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Norma Jean to record new album this winter

Thursday, June 7, 2012 5:34 AM PT

Nearly a year after they originally intended to, Norma Jean will finally enter the studio this winter to record their next full-length. The band has offered up the following explanation for their delayed studio entrance:

"Back in August of 2011 we announced that we were beginning to write a new record. We had originally planned to record in January 2012, but as Jan grew closer we decided to push the recording back to July 2012. We had way more ideas than we expected and wanted to make sure we did everything we wanted. To put it simply.

"After that, we moved recording to July. When March rolled around we started to get Summer offers for shows and tours, and of course we choose playing over anything. Including playing this years final Cornerstone Festival, and Lifest. (Check out the Tour Page) So we decided to push back our recording again.

"We set our sights for recording in Sept. but since recording that late in the year would bring an early 2013 at the earliest, we have decided to take a tour in Sept/Oct (To be announced) and record THIS FALL/WINTER. Yes. We are definitely recording this Winter. Stop asking us to play shows, because we have a hard time saying no.

"Other than that, we are VERY excited for this record. It will not disappoint and we have some interesting collaborations coming with it. It WILL be heavy and it will be something new."

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