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As Hell Retreats going on indefinite hiatus

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 7:27 PM PT / 4,339 views
About two weeks ago we speculated that As Hell Retreats might be breaking up. It turns out that we were more or less correct. Although the band isn't technically calling it a breakup, they are disbanding via indefinite hiatus. Here's the official word:
So, you probably have heard rumors going around about us. Well, we are here to finally clear those up. After 7 years of doing what we love and having the best experience of our lives thus far, we have decided to not "break-up", but to step back from the touring life and go on indefinite hiatus. Thank you all for supporting us and for the amazing years. We hope to see you all one last time."
Prior to going their separate ways, the band will team up with A Plea For Purging, who have also announced their demise as a band, for the Quit Your Band and Get A Job Tour.

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