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Ghostlimb announces new album

Sunday, May 20, 2012 5:40 PM PT / 1,865 views

Official press release: Vitriol Records celebrates its third anniversary this summer and kicks off its fourth year with the release of Ghostlimb's Confluence, hitting stores July 10. Ghostlimb features frontman Justin Smith, also founder of Vitriol Records and guitarist/vocalist of Graf Orlock. Confluence is Ghostlimb's fourth full-length album but the second in a trilogy-in-the-works which began with last year's Infrastructure. Confluence rips through speakers like a U-boat surfacing and lays down what is, to date, the most explosive version of the signature Ghostlimb sound. Bruising, vise-tight hardcore shifts from blazing speed-picking to epic, bluesy choruses. The rhythm section of drummer Alex McLeod and bassist Neal Paul Sharma is monstrously heavy. The lyrics, screamed by Smith with pure conviction, examine human existence - our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with nature - often referencing historical events, from Ancients Greeks to Sacco and Vanzetti. Desperate and searching, Ghostlimb is like the earnest, heartfelt foil to Smith's other more mischievous band. Twelve songs in all, Confluence features a cover of Hot Water Music's ode to the underground, "Southeast First." The full track list is as follows: 01. Confluence 02. Margins 03. Sunlight 04. Canidae 05. Infrastructure 06. Bearing Witness 07. Ardor 08. Control 09. Exchange 10. Infinite Locality 11. Southeast First 12. Conquerors of the Useless Alternative Press has posted an exclusive stream of Ghostlimb's "Margins." Confluence was recorded, mixed and mastered by frequent Ghostlimb/Graf Orlock collaborator (and Comadre guitarist) Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios in East Palo Alto, CA, in March 2012. The cover features the same die-cut "G" insignia seen on the first installment of the trilogy, Infrastructure. Like much of the best Vitriol Records artwork, it was created by Adam Hunt.

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