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Wolves At The Gate debut album set for release

Saturday, May 12, 2012 8:12 AM PT

Official press release:

Ohio post-hardcore outfit Wolves At The Gate are pleased to announce the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length, Captors, available in stores and online July 3rd from Solid State Records.

The follow-up to their touted 2011 EP We Are the Ones, Captors finds the band living up to and by all accounts surpassing the huge potential recognized by critics and fans alike. No longer constrained by the limits of an EP, the members of Wolves At The Gate were able to showcase the explosive growth of their songwriting, from luscious, melodic rock tracks to lip-splitting hardcore stomps.

"While we love We Are The Ones we were really excited to branch out further into our creativity and diversify our songwriting," explains guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci. "On Captors, listeners will definitely hear a more mature side of WATG with a clearer vision of how we approach our songwriting."

Produced by Andreas Magnusson (Oh, Sleeper, Haste The Day), Captors is a blisteringly heavy full-length debut with the potential to appeal to every variety of rocker – from fans of metalcore to traditional metal to mainstream hard rock. It's an album that – like those of some of the band's influences (As Cities Burn, Thrice, Foo Fighters, Underoath) – avoids pigeonholes and easy labels.

"[Andreas] was a blast to work with! He has a great work ethic and ability to hear what a band wants to sound like," Cobucci explains. "As a result, Captors is the best representation of us as a band yet. It runs the gamut of the different sides of our creativity. Our fans will recognize a more mature sound from us. We've had a long time to assess where we wanted to go musically and we are so excited to finally be able to share this record with fans because I feel we owe it to them. I think that collectively we've improved our standards and have a more uniform vision for this band's music. For anyone who hasn't heard our music yet, this will be a good place to start."

Formed in 2008, WATG began turning heads almost immediately and it wasn't long before they were touring with bands they had grown up listening to on their iPods, recording with producers whose work they appreciated and signing with a label – Solid State Records – they had long respected. With the November 2011 release of We Are The Ones, the band wedged their way into a crowded heavy music scene. Now, with Captors, the band is kicking down the door and taking no prisoners.

Captors track listing:

01. The Harvest
02. Awaken
03. Morning Star
04. Dead Man
05. In Your Wake
06. Slaves
07. Step Out To The Water
08. Amnesty
09. Safeguards
10. Through The Night
11. Man Of Sorrows

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