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The Acacia Strain signs with Rise Records

Rise Records has officially signed Massachusetts metalcore/deathcore band The Acacia Strain. The band's Rise Records debut will hit streets in October. According to Rise, the Acacia Strain "are ready to dive into the next phase and are happy to have found a home with Rise where they feel they will be well taken care of and continue to smash faces with their new material." Formed in 2001, the group's last three albums were released by Prosthetic Records.


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pregnantNUN 4/17/2012 12:08:06 PM

Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm huh

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:09:48 PM

there goes another good band signing to shit record label.

br0kenhymen 4/17/2012 12:09:59 PM

inb4 everyone's panties get bunched about Rise Records signing hardcore bands.

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:10:03 PM

is this a joke? wtf is going on in this world?

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:10:10 PM

breakdowns are stoked

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:11:36 PM

last album before the end of the world, why not

asstomouth182 4/17/2012 12:14:24 PM

all that's left is for them to go christian and we have an average cookie cutter rise records band on our hands

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:15:32 PM


anonymous 4/17/2012 12:17:32 PM

inb4 they'll go to shit

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:18:45 PM

These dudes are smart. They like writing the material they feel like writing. I doubt they would sign to a label they felt would deter them from writing anything other than what they feel like writing.

therearetoomanybands 4/17/2012 12:22:26 PM

Listen for synth breaks and "dance-y" parts.

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:22:59 PM

To everyone posting these gay as fck comments like "no, omg this band is ruined!!!", get real. It doesn't matter what label they're on. You're still going to download that shit anyways. They're still making the same music. They're still the same dudes. I don't even care for this band anyways, no matter what label, but get real.

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:26:02 PM

Impending Doom is stoked

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:30:44 PM

Andrew Mikhail is Stoked

LoydChristmas 4/17/2012 12:30:46 PM

inb4 they start inserting dubstep breakdownz

obscure 4/17/2012 12:36:18 PM


anonymous 4/17/2012 12:38:27 PM

Stoked to hear them record with Joey Sturgis or Chango Studios................... ..........

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:41:34 PM

Impending Doom is not stoked, wants too

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:51:34 PM

Acacia Strain was the Emmure of 2004 and you all seem to have forgotten that. Must have been too busy riding in the back of you mom's minivans to notice

anonymous 4/17/2012 12:55:04 PM

Can't wait for all the singing hooks on the next record

ineedsalt 4/17/2012 1:10:35 PM

whoo! actually, i wont be caring. i just want you to read this and lose precious moments of internet time

anonymous 4/17/2012 1:13:04 PM

its impressive that these guys can continue making records using the same two notes over and over

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 4/17/2012 1:25:44 PM

Congrats to TAS...who the hell cares what label their on, they are one of the few bands that have never sold out their core sound (although Wormwood wasn't the best, hopefully we'll get some Continent-type shit on the new album)

anonymous 4/17/2012 1:26:59 PM

"inb4 everyone's panties get bunched about Rise Records signing hardcore bands." LOL @ insinuating this shit band is a "hardcore band."

anonymous 4/17/2012 1:41:58 PM

People still buy cd's?

anonymous 4/17/2012 2:22:29 PM

garbage fcking band with a garbage fcking fanbase

anonymous 4/17/2012 2:31:31 PM

They're fit in with with the reent batch of Rise singings, like Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, Make Do and Mend and so on. Although, they could collaborate with As Thick As Blood

anonymous 4/17/2012 2:31:51 PM

"They'll fit in," rather

br0kenhymen 4/17/2012 2:43:27 PM

You're right lol that actually was silly of me. I guess I mean hardcore comparative to Rise's lineup. A NYHC fan would slap me for saying that.

anonymous 4/17/2012 2:49:46 PM

Who the fck cares about this band anymore? They're fronted by a pretentious, overweight douchebag who seems to think he's the gospel of hardcore. I hope Rise fcks them over.

HBDad 4/17/2012 2:50:13 PM

I can honestly say this is definitely thrown in from right field... I'll buy it regardless of the label but they always seemed to be happy on Prosthetic...

xburnfacex 4/17/2012 2:55:58 PM

What the fck?

anonymous 4/17/2012 3:04:02 PM


Stupid_News_Poster 4/17/2012 3:24:59 PM

street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred street cred

anonymous 4/17/2012 4:02:16 PM

Yes, people still buy CD's.

anonymous 4/17/2012 4:02:43 PM

god forbid a band actually wants to make money. gays.

anonymous 4/17/2012 4:11:08 PM

Totally justifies my rise records tank top wearing here on the couch

anonymous 4/17/2012 4:21:35 PM

my Vincent Bennett murder you and your entire family. fck you

anonymous 4/17/2012 5:06:31 PM

Acacia Strain is the Acacia Strain who the fck cares what label it is. I'm surprised and think it's fcking stupid Prosthetic would let them go though.

anonymous 4/17/2012 5:23:01 PM

Hot Topic is stocked

anonymous 4/17/2012 5:36:24 PM

Emmure is stoked ! ... Oh wait

anonymous 4/17/2012 6:11:45 PM

people who make the two note joke about the acacia strain are fcked, have you ever listened to dead walk or continent? thats fcking deathcore at it's finest

anonymous 4/17/2012 6:31:46 PM

two note songs are stoked! is eyehategod playing scion fest?

anonymous 4/17/2012 7:11:17 PM

God fcking dammit no!!!!!!!

anonymous 4/17/2012 7:18:21 PM

great more browndown bs chug chug we still suck chug 3750 was epic they should bring that sound back

anonymous 4/17/2012 7:38:35 PM

Stop playing music already, jesus christ.

anonymous 4/17/2012 7:49:37 PM

George Zimmerman > Acacia Strain

anonymous 4/17/2012 8:26:00 PM


anonymous 4/17/2012 8:27:07 PM only sign once, career flip

This_fucking_guy 4/17/2012 8:47:51 PM

I'm hoping that my bleeding through inspired theory that rise records is where at one time decent bands go to fizzle and die is correct. This band was KIND OF okay. doesn't matter what color ribbon you tie around a piece of shit, its still a piece of shit.

anonymous 4/17/2012 8:56:36 PM

This band has always been garbage and I'll fight that gay fat nerd singer at any show....Congrats, you are now on a label with Manoverboard, a band that I hate almost as much as you

anonymous 4/17/2012 9:00:24 PM

Sludgy nut c*nt. Acacia Strain and Rise Records makes me think they'll make Rise into a comedy series on realTV. Vincent Bennett and Craig Ericson go head to head in this weeks daily challenge. Man, I hope TAS can suck 15 inch dcks, because they'll be making fat stacks on rise. Having a mansion with 10 bathrooms so they can shit all day. fck it, I bet they made a good decision career wise. It's not like the industry didn't turn into money 30 years ago or anything...

ineedsalt 4/17/2012 9:03:46 PM

^ please make this happen. i want to watch someone challenge a nerd in a band and actually do it. ill touch your peepee...

ineedsalt 4/17/2012 9:04:25 PM

^^ the other anon

lizshredsalways 4/17/2012 9:32:43 PM

I don't think Rise Records is a bad label or anything it's just most of the bands they have signed the last few years. The only bands that stand out are Bleeding Through, and Legend.

anonymous 4/17/2012 9:44:26 PM

Typical, all about the money.

anonymous 4/17/2012 10:42:36 PM

what the fck happened to lambgoat? i leave for a couple years and come back to this? 90% of these comments are praising tas or getting butthurt because rise will "change" the acacia strain's sound. are you fcking serious? they've made a career out of writing the same song over and over. why would they change that now? band sucks. record label sucks. fck it.

anonymous 4/17/2012 10:59:20 PM

I hope their new album isn't some compressed cut and pasted piece of shit like everything else Rise puts out.

anonymous 4/17/2012 11:33:57 PM

ITS OFFICIAL; JOEY STURGIS IS RECORDING THIS ALBUM. Dude is a legit engineer though and has been running things for rise fcking smoothly down at the auto-tune plant.

anonymous 4/17/2012 11:36:44 PM

^Rise also has a factory that manufactures hair straighteners and specially fitted pants for dancing like a crab.

anonymous 4/17/2012 11:54:48 PM

I can't believe I just read through all of you dumb motherfckers' comments. Disregard lambgoat, obtain lives.

anonymous 4/18/2012 12:02:30 AM

impending doom is beyond stoked!

anonymous 4/18/2012 12:19:05 AM

adele is stoked.

anonymous 4/18/2012 1:03:11 AM

i mean really Rise just signs "money makers" so that homebody can also put out Make Do and Mend and not lose his shirt. Don't overthink things.

anonymous 4/18/2012 1:32:15 AM

johnny Craig is stoked.

anonymous 4/18/2012 1:44:04 AM

these new age lambgoat trolls are doing it wrong. baddies everywhere on the interwebs now god damnit

anonymous 4/18/2012 2:35:59 AM

Technically I can't hate on the band for doing this but man it doesn't feel right. Also webby, Prosthetic released the last four albums, not three.

anonymous 4/18/2012 3:21:48 AM

Wasn't going to waste my time reading all of the stupid fcking comments on this post, and not post something myself......

conduit 4/18/2012 4:25:10 AM

this band is fcking garbage. more songs about the hills please.

fourthgradecocktease 4/18/2012 4:29:45 AM

T-mills is a confirmed guest vocalist on the new record.

anonymous 4/18/2012 5:01:29 AM

From their Facebook page; ?"For those of you who haven't heard yet, We've signed with rise records! If you think this will change us as a band or our sound you couldn't be more wrong." - D.L. from his personal page.

xmusicislifex 4/18/2012 6:28:26 AM

saw them last night in Toronto, Vin: "there will be no dubstep, no keyboards, no bullshit....Of Mice and Men, we're coming for you motherfcker" fck the haters, shitty label, awesome band

anonymous 4/18/2012 7:03:19 AM

"people who make the two note joke about the acacia strain are fcked, have you ever listened to dead walk or continent? thats fcking deathcore at it's finest" deathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finestdeathcore at it's finest

Snoopy2 4/18/2012 7:08:23 AM

inb4 Vince singing during their nasty ass deathcore breakdowns

duckduckfootloose 4/18/2012 7:17:56 AM

Let us be perfectly clear: Bleeding Through always sucked.

anonymous 4/18/2012 7:30:43 AM

Yeah because rise totally changed Thick As Blood and Legend too....wait

RickRock 4/18/2012 7:46:51 AM

"adele is stoked." - Please let this become the new Lambgoat meme. LOL

anonymous 4/18/2012 8:25:28 AM

Vince needs more Nikes.....oh wait

anonymous 4/18/2012 8:33:54 AM

GFOs is fatter than Adele

Godfatherofsoul 4/18/2012 9:36:21 AM

Garbage label garbage band, suits them perfectly.

anonymous 4/18/2012 9:43:32 AM

Emmure should be on this

sandpaperseatbelts 4/18/2012 9:43:53 AM

God fcking lotion I don't know where to start. Band sucks c-cks, always has. Rise records is the perfect fit, hope they all die like their career's fixing to. Emmure was the Emmure of 2004 you teenage c*ntbag. My genital warts are stoked, gayband flip, and no care

Knuckleduster 4/18/2012 10:11:29 AM

Of course its about the money, theyve been playing a decade plus, preaching about hate, rise isnt the best label but its a label that gets their bands going regardless of who they are, I mean who wouldve thought fcking miss may I would still exist. Their the best band in their genre. I cant hate on the decision.

anonymous 4/18/2012 10:24:11 AM

Thank god, now 2 more bands to go and maybe prosthetic will brankrupt.

anonymous 4/18/2012 10:48:11 AM

"Emmure was the Emmure of 2004 you teenage c*ntbag." Well sir, I couldn't agree more. Retard.

anonymous 4/18/2012 1:12:50 PM

Money talks..either way this band is straight up booty.

Snoopy2 4/18/2012 1:53:52 PM

Acacia Strain is brutal deathcore ok?? you pussies just don't have enough balls to handle their heavy-as-fck music so shut up

anonymous 4/18/2012 3:45:03 PM

i fcking love The Acacia Strain! fck the haters

anonymous 4/18/2012 5:49:25 PM

funny no one mentions that THIS IS HELL is signed on Rise as well. And they're actually a real hardcore band. And no, this isn't me insinuating that TAS is hardcore. its me saying that a band can sign to a label and still make the music they want. This Is Hell doesn't have shitty dub step parts or cleans or any shit like that. now quit existing you fcking morons.

anonymous 4/18/2012 8:48:56 PM

Bleeding through now the acacia strain!!! WTF maybe rise is tired of being pssys!!! Those who lie beneath is on rise and they are as brutal as fck!!! NEXT IN LINE HOOK UP BELOW AKHERON!!!!!

anonymous 4/19/2012 1:49:51 PM

they'll probably gonna have catchy chorus, generic breakdowns, and a featuring with lights on their new CD

mscimia4 4/20/2012 12:16:29 AM

talk about a band that sucks shit off of dcks it's emmure, but anyway tas died after continent

anonymous 4/20/2012 10:37:14 AM

atheists are stoked

anonymous 4/21/2012 1:55:11 PM

TAS was never immure. These dudes will keep it real no matter wtf label is behind them.

Snoopy2 4/23/2012 10:16:56 AM

Frankie Palmeri is stoked

anonymous 7/19/2012 9:33:24 PM

TAS isn't deathcore.

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