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Black Dahlia Murder news and notes

Sunday, September 29, 2002 9:05 AM PT

Detroit metal band Black Dahlia Murder recently finished recording a three song demo with Brian Ebert (Kenshiro). The material will be used for promotional purposes since the band is in search of a label (any interested parties can contact the band here) to release their debut full-length, which will most likely be recorded in late-December or January. Look for the material to be posted on MP3.com in the very near future. Otherwise, don't expect BDM to play too many shows in the near future as they will be focusing on writing the full-length. In related news, John, the band's second guitarist, has left the group. Apparently, other responsibilities weren't leaving enough time for the band. Not surprisingly, BDM is now looking for a replacement. If you live in the Detroit area and are a skilled guitarist (soloing ability is preferred), email them here.

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