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Madball set to record new EP

Venerable New York City hardcore band Madball will enter the studio in April to record a new EP. Tracking will take place with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore), with whom they recorded their last album, Empire. The EP will feature 4-5 songs.


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anonymous 3/26/2012 10:55:04 AM

fck YES!!

DrDoom 3/26/2012 11:17:53 AM

H2O is stoked

xjimmer_fredettex 3/26/2012 12:17:48 PM

lol DrDoom

anonymous 3/26/2012 12:24:45 PM

The "paying your dues" ep

ineedsalt 3/26/2012 12:31:53 PM

why an EP? who buys those? im gonna buy it

LoydChristmas 3/26/2012 1:09:32 PM

"It's been a very long exhaustive search but in the end I think we found a producer who really has truly paid enough dues to get to work with us." -Freddy

anonymous 3/26/2012 1:16:01 PM

Stangry fat dudes are stoked

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 3/26/2012 1:21:41 PM

40 year olds who still wear fitted caps and basketball jerseys are stoked

LoydChristmas 3/26/2012 4:19:43 PM

^so, the guys in Murder Death Kill

jon 3/26/2012 5:50:54 PM

This EP will be released via AARP records.

ineedsalt 3/26/2012 8:52:32 PM


anonymous 3/26/2012 10:32:02 PM

murder death kill is stoked to not be the only washed up jobless dads in hardcore.

anonymous 3/27/2012 12:08:18 AM

madball?? pshh asking alexandria fans is stoked. wait what?

anonymous 3/27/2012 5:09:03 AM

Pollock Tropical is stoked.

anonymous 3/27/2012 5:09:47 AM

* ^ Pollo

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 3/28/2012 6:23:32 AM

Lol @ the AARP records comment. As old as these guys are, I can't believe Agnostic Front is still touring/recording. Miret and Stigma are like the Jagger/Richards of hardcore

blankzzz 3/28/2012 8:52:26 PM

gonna pay my dues and buy this EP!

anonymous 3/29/2012 8:25:55 AM

dms is stoked

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