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Bermuda, Creations, Float Face Down, Adaliah tour

Mediaskare/Rite of Passage labelmates Bermuda, Creations, Float Face Down, and Adaliah will team up for a U.S. tour this spring. Dates are as follows: 4/13 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit 4/14 Dallas, TX @ TBA 4/15 Midland, TX @ The Pine Box 4/16 Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks 4/17 Mesa, AZ @ The Underground 4/18 El Centro, CA @ TBA 4/19 Las Vegas, NV @ The Junkyard @ Area 702 4/20 Canoga Park, CA @ The Cobalt Cafe 4/21 Anaheim, CA @ Mirror Image Studios 4/22 Rocklin, CA @ Studio 21 4/23 Portland, OR @ TBA 4/24 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven 4/25 Spokane, WA @ TBA 4/26 Boise, ID @ The Venue 4/27 Ogden, UT @ Mojo's 4/28 Denver, CO @ TBA 4/29 Wichita, KS @ TBA 5/1 Joplin, MO @ TBA 5/2 Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Cafe 5/3 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Fort Wayne Broadripple 5/4 Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry 5/5 Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA 5/6 Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe's 5/7 Albany, NY @ Bogies 5/8 Manchester, NH @ Rocko's 5/9 Staten Island, NY @ The Warriors of Wrestling Training Center 5/10 Fredericksburg, VA @ The Refuge 5/11 Charleston, SC @ Jimbos Rock Lounge 5/12 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery 5/13 Lake Worth, FL @ The Speakeasy 5/14 Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit


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maclyn 3/16/2012 11:42:13 AM

who? who? who? who?

anonymous 3/16/2012 11:46:19 AM

Hoping the Portland show is at a legit venue and not at some gay's house.

anonymous 3/16/2012 11:55:43 AM

No NJ date? fck you

maclyn 3/16/2012 1:07:43 PM

5/9 Staten Island, NY @ The Warriors of Wrestling Training Cente LOL

ineedsalt 3/16/2012 1:42:31 PM

lots of room in the greyhound terminal, audience full of bums but hey you know those fckin bums will be there

jon 3/16/2012 2:01:12 PM

Anonymous gays are stoked

anonymous 3/16/2012 2:28:15 PM

Bermudas new track was pretty sick. Looking forward to this

anonymous 3/16/2012 2:53:17 PM

Band member^

TheLoudestGuyInTheRoom 3/16/2012 3:37:55 PM

"Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit": what the fck, is that a ditch off the side of a road where they're gonna plug their amps into some generators and shit? Also, LOL'ed at "The Venue"

anonymous 3/16/2012 3:55:09 PM

adaliah plays at TBA a lot

anonymous 3/16/2012 4:12:28 PM

fck FFD awful deathcore bullshit. must be fun to be in a band that can't even play shows in your home state for fear of your piece of shit singer gettin jumped.

Stupid_News_Poster 3/16/2012 6:10:36 PM

thanks for hitting nor cal, gays

anonymous 3/16/2012 6:26:36 PM

YOU'RE NOT A CHRISTIAN... wahhhh cryyyyyy NOT EVEN CLOSE wahhhhhhh

jon 3/16/2012 8:26:58 PM

^ wtf are you crying about, gay anonymous?

anonymous 3/16/2012 9:13:21 PM

FFD, that gay band that "claimed" to jump liferuiner years ago, yet it never happened. fck off and die, nobody in your home state even gives a fck. How does mediaskare still exist? every record they release flops

TheCapedCopulator 3/16/2012 10:20:25 PM

I'm actually packing my bags to destroy any and all association with the TX tour

anonymous 3/17/2012 4:07:18 AM

17 year old promoters are stoked

anonymous 3/17/2012 5:54:44 AM

""Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit": what the fck, is that a ditch off the side of a road where they're gonna plug their amps into some generators and shit?" pretty much, it's a dump with a surge protector and pbr.

anonymous 3/17/2012 1:09:54 PM

Toured with adaliah on the touring dead. Nicest Guys I've ever met. Hope the best for them.

anonymous 3/17/2012 2:36:08 PM

Ron face gay will be doing shitty mosh calls and picking fights with kids half his age and size this hole tour gotta love it

anonymous 3/17/2012 5:06:13 PM

rons girlfriend has sick breasts. liz garitta

anonymous 3/17/2012 5:51:15 PM

Ron Gilbert is a piece of shit! I hope their van flips and everyone else lives except for him!

anonymous 3/17/2012 11:13:23 PM

aside from all the negative comments, i think i might hit up that TBA date, though it'll never get confirmed becuz it's worthless BAHAHAHAHA!

anonymous 3/19/2012 7:00:05 AM

stay the fck away from NJ.

LoydChristmas 3/19/2012 11:14:05 AM

anonymous 2 days ago 17 year old promoters are stoked ^THIS. the kind that put on shows then leave before the last band is over and keep all the money to buy their chubby girlfriend a bracelet for their 6month anniversary.

anonymous 3/22/2012 6:57:39 PM


anonymous 3/22/2012 6:59:21 PM

Ron will be spreading his skin disorder throughout the states. EXEMA FLIP!

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