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Ink Cartridge Funeral, Barrit, Silent Drive

Thursday, September 26, 2002 3:59 PM PT

Zachary Jordan of Bane has posted a statement regarding the status of his other band Ink Cartridge Funeral (on hiatus since the death of drummer Steve Neale this past March), in addition to the rumored Barrit reunion and his new band Silent Drive. Here's what he had to say:

"I know that there is alot of confusion as to what is going on with Ink Cartridge Funeral and a Barrit reunion. All that I can tell you at this moment is that we do not think that ICF is going to go on. We had all gotten together a number of times to talk about what we should do and most of us do not feel comfortable or feel the need to go on without Steve. This was music that was written as a full band and to have somebody else play his part wouldn't work out the same. It is hard to think about playing with anyone besides Steve. As far as Barrit getting back together, we have talked about playing one huge show to raise money for Steve's two children, Gabe and Madison. The only way that we will do anything is if it is for those two kids. We have all gotten together and agreed to play in tribute to Steve for his kids at a benefit show that may happen sometime after the New Year. If the benefit does not happen then there will be no Barrit reunion. As far as Silent Drive, this is a new band that Pete (Bane), Nick (Bane), Nick (ICF, Dasai), Andy (Barrit, Year of Our Lord), and myself have gotten together. We are currently writting and that will be all that happens for a while. It is along the lines of ICF and still metal, but not as metal. I will update everyone as soon as things really get rolling. Thanks alot for those who have written regarding Steve's family. If anyone would like to donate anything at all, you can go to Banecentral.com and there is a link that you can go to. Thanks again - Zach Barrit/Bane"

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