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For The Fallen Dreams replaces drummer

For The Fallen Dreams has dismissed drummer Arvin Sarathy and replaced him with Dylan Shippey. Shippey has been the drummer for fellow Michigan band Legend, whose status as a band is unclear. In related news, For The Fallen Dreams also recently recruited bassist Brandon Stastny, of Thick As Blood. And of course, as we already told you, For The Fallen Dreams recently signed with Artery Recordings, a deal which still has yet to be made public.
UPDATE: Sarathy recently issued the statement below, indicating that he quit the band. This obviously contradicts some of the information we provided, but our sources tell us that Sarathy quit on the same day he was to be let go. Whatever.
"I have been doing a lot of thinking and wanted to give everyone a quick update of what has been going on with me and take this time to clear up any misconceptions. I have decided that it was time for me to part ways with For The Fallen Dreams. I decided this the past week and informed the band about my decision to leave and I will share this information with all of you as well! "The past year with For The Fallen Dreams has been the best year of my life and once I really got a feel for how things work I had changed a lot as a person and realized what I want. There were a lot of differences that I had with the band about the way things should be and the direction the band was going. Where the band wants to go is definitely in a different direction than where I want to go. Amongst other reasons the difference was primarily the musical direction. I felt that with For The Fallen Dreams I couldn't shine as a drummer and I had my unique drumming style and creativity inside me fighting to get out, yet it couldn't be expressed through this music. Likewise because I felt that this band wasn't what I was looking for stylistically and wasn't my forte, I felt that somebody else would be a better fit to excel in this type of a band and would be a greater contribution to the bands wants. "I have toured the world and made some of the closest friends of my life with the guys and guys in other bands that we have toured with. I am very grateful for the opportunity my friends in For The Fallen Dreams have given me and the doors that this has opened for me to pursue my future goals. The band has come a long way and is in a great position and I will continue to support them 100%. The band and I are still friends on great terms and feel mutually that this is the best the decision for both For The Fallen Dreams and I. "I will continue to pursue a career as a professional drummer and appreciate so much the support I have gotten and will get from those who continue to support me in my future endeavors. When I find a band that suits me I will really be able to show my creativity and my style of drumming that I love, and I know you guys will love it too!!Can't wait to show the world what is coming next with my drumming!! "I want to specifically thank For The Fallen Dreams, Motionless In White, Of Mice & Men, I See Stars, Escape The Fate, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and all of my fans, friends, and family that have supported and will continue supporting me on my journey to be the musician I have been working to become."

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