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Robotic Empire starts Kickstarter for Tilts debut

Official press release: St. Louis, Missouri rock quartet Tilts has linked up with Robotic Empire and Kickstarter in an attempt to release the band's 12-track debut album on vinyl and digital download. Formed in 2009, Tilts self-recorded the album over three sessions in the members home studios, then enlisted Richmond, Virginia engineer Ian Whalen (Rah Brahs, Tombs, Lamb Of God) to re-mix the material into a cohesive whole. Since recording the material for this debut album, guitarist Andrew Elstner has divided his time between Tilts and now as a member of Torche, where he also plays guitar and provides backup vocals. Rounded out by bassist Shawn Hart, drummer Ken McCray and guitarist Andy White, Tilts is thrilled to finally present their long-awaited debut album to the world. 12 catchy-as-anything songs result from years of friendship and making music together, even if only a couple years under the Tilts moniker. Rock and/or roll are the foundations for this band, but keeping it fresh in subtle ways makes the material mature in songwriting and form. Heavy tuning, anthemic clean singing and varying song tempos all help create a seriously badass debut with high repeatability. Now that the full-length awaits professional mastering and production as both vinyl and a digital download, Robotic Empire has taken the reigns and enlisted Kickstarter as the platform to drum up funds necessary to manufacture this beast. This is the long-running record label's first foray into "fundraising" an album prior to its actual physical existence, and this elaborate experiment/pre-order can now be accessed at this location. In addition to the standard availability of vinyl LP and a digital download, the band and label have mashed minds to conjure a few more *interesting* options (including customized test presses, exclusive merchandise, personal photographs being included in the album art and way more).

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