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Eulogy Recs signs On Bodies (ex-Terror, etc.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 4:51 PM PT / 5,828 views

Official press release: Eulogy Recordings is very excited to announce the signing of On Bodies. With former and current members of Terror, As Friends Rust and Shai Hulud (to name a few), On Bodies arrives with a unique and desperate brand of insight and rage, deeply focused on feelings of futility in a world that seems to promise more than it provides. While so much of today's heavy music tends to force a brutality that is more style than substance and more technique than torment, On Bodies taps into the forgotten tenets of simple, raw, questioning hardcore. Vocalist Damien Moyal comments: "On Bodies is excited to sign to Eulogy Recordings. Several of us have known John for nearly two decades, having been bandmates, roommates, label-mates, competitors, and of course friends. In the years that followed, we saw him continue serving the hardcore community by releasing powerful, quality music through Eulogy, and it's incredible to be working with him in this capacity." Eulogy owner John Wylie comments: "I loved this band from the first time i heard it. I think that all of the guys in On Bodies have given a great deal to the hardcore community in the past. This release will please fans of the member's other bands as well as people who aren't familiar with bands they have been in. I'm excited to release such a great band. I shared some of the best times of my life with these guys and it's great to be involved with them on this project." Their debut "Planet Hospice" will be available early next year. Eulogy will handle all CD and digital aspects of the release. American Enemy will handle the vinyl version of the album. CD release shows will be announced shortly. www.facebook.com/onbodies

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