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Thinker Thought Recs announces anniversary comp

Sunday, October 16, 2011 1:14 PM PT / 1,254 views
Official press release: Thinker Thought Records will be releasing a two-volume ten year anniversary compilation on November 8th, 2011. The release will coincide with a couple of live rock shows in Illinois to celebrate the anniversary and the compilation. We are very proud of the quality of music that the label has been fortunate enough to work with over the years, and this compilation is further proof of that quality. The first volume of the compilation includes 23 previously released tracks (one from each artist that the label has worked with), and the second volume includes 16 previously unreleased tracks. Tracks of special note include songs from The Forecast, The Great Redneck Hope, Low Red Land, The Lesser Birds of Paradise, Scouts Honor, and Empty Orchestra. Track listing: VOLUME ONE 01. Cheeseburger Karma 2004: A Jam Odyssey (The Great Redneck Hope) 02. Calling You - In/Out (Downers Of The World Unite) 03. Of Giving Up (Cherry Lane) 04. Snake Piss (Dripping Slits) 05. Decatur (Tina Sparkle) 06. The Wait (Werepire Day) 07. Indiana Avenue (Bill Tucker And Friends) 08. Prison Bars (Scouts Honor) 09. Stage Three: The Currents (Matterhorn) 10. I Wanna Gotta Rock And Roll (The Amazing Kill-o-watts) 11. Idle Talk (1090 Club) 12. Rodrigo (Har Meggido) 13. Dog''s Hymn (Low Red Land) 14. Contemporary Business (The Forecast) 15. The Braintrust (Tyson And The Friction) 16. Kokomo Cassette Singles (Hinter) 17. Another Weed (Wesley Wolfe) 18. There Wasn''t A Cloud In The Sky (The Lesser Birds Of Paradise) 19. Stuart Nelson (Jared Grabb) 20. It Gets Better (Empty Orchestra) 21. Tolstoy''s Head (Mayhew The Traitor) 22. Three Graves For Evelyn (The Dowry) 23. Barstow To Vegas (D.S. Yancey) VOLUME TWO (previously unreleased) 01. I Dream Of Water, I Dream Of Sand - Mark''s Demo (The Lesser Birds Of Paradise) 02. Vanity (Dripping Slits) 03. Division (Scouts Honor) 04. Double Joints (Hinter) 05. If You''re Goin'' Down (The Amazing Kill-o-watts) 06. Stage Eight: The Program Errors - Demo (Matterhorn) 07. Abraham (Low Red Land) 08. Winter Of Like (Tina Sparkle) 09. Dizzy Spells (Wesley Wolfe) 10. Self-Dissection (The Dowry) 11. My Suzanne (D.S. Yancey) 12. House Into A Home (Jared Grabb) 13. You Like Me, Right Now, You Like Me (Werepire Day) 14. Bible Black - Acoustic (Empty Orchestra) 15. Mr. Computer (Tyson And The Friction) 16. A Plane Is Just A Train That Flies (Bill Tucker And Friends) Live Show Celebrations (All CDs & Vinyl will be sold at wholesale prices from the merch table): November 19, 2011 in Peoria, IL at Peoria Pizza Works (3921 N Prospect) at 6pm, $8 Featuring: Dripping Slits, Downers Of The World Unite, Tina Sparkle, Empty Orchestra, Werepire Day, Jared Grabb, and Mayhew The Traitor November 20, 2011 in Chicago, IL at Panchos Bar (2200 N California Ave) at 6pm, 18+, $10 Featuring: Dripping Slits, Downers Of The World Unite, Tina Sparkle, Empty Orchestra, Werepire Day, Jared Grabb, and Bill Tucker And Friends