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The Crown rejoined by original vocalist

Friday, September 9, 2011 1:05 PM PT / 3,294 views
Swedish death/thrash metal band The Crown has announced the return of original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, who replaces Jonas Stalhammar. The band has issued the following: "Johan Lindstrand has re-joined The Crown, this means that the original lineup is now ready to kill once again! We would like to thank our metal-brother Jonas Stålhammar for the amazing team-work for the last couple of years!!! Respect!!! Next week we'll start rehearsing new material (6 - 7 news songs written at this point). We hope to enter the studio early 2012. We are thinking of doing a few Swedish dates within a couple of months (most likely a first reunion show in our hometown Trollhättan, this time in a proper club) and then focus on doing some kick-ass festivals in 2012." Lindstrand comments: "Once again I have been blessed with the opportunity to join my oldest friends and brothers in arms Marko, Janne, Magnus and Markus. I'm am so grateful for this and I will do my best to make the original lineup live up to all expectations and we will definitely have a total blast together while rippin' the world to pieces with a lot more years to come. Yeah, from now on I am the lead singer in this classic death metal outfit called The Crown. Damn! That feels good to say. I will also take some time here to thank Jonas Stålhammar 'cause he did an amazing job on 'Doomsday King.' You rule dude! Other than that I have to say: THE ORIGINAL 5 HAS RETURNED!!! Go hide your children."

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