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Killwhitneydead debuts song, recording album

Thursday, September 8, 2011 9:29 PM PT / 4,188 views
Killwhitneydead, returning from an unannounced hiatus back in May of 2010, have nearly completed work on their new album, and first since 2007. The new record, titled "Suffer My Wrath," is due for release in early-2012. The band says they "decided to give fans an early preview of the album's more straightforward metal direction in the form of the track 'Sound The Alarms.'" Check it out below: The album is being produced by KWD's new guitarist, Kyle Odell, and is currently in the mixing stages. The band adds: "Returning to the KWD fold and making an appearance on several songs is Shawn Pelata of Line of Fire, while Justin Reich of Vanisher will be making his debut. Both vocalists brought in to assist the band with it's more melodic vocal needs." The final track running order has yet to be determined but the album will include: Demons Consume Serpents & Lies The Death Of Celebrity Tyrant Enthroned Sound The Alarms Tip Of My Tongue Sugartooth Nature Of The Beast Evil Lives Within Replicate To Survive Pill Crusher We Die Young *AIC cover* (bonus track for CD)

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