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Century completes new album

Saturday, June 18, 2011 7:55 PM PT

Century has completed work on their next album, titled "Red Giant." Band mastermind Carson Slovak has revealed the following details:

"New album is done. Sounds good. Actually the best album anyone has probably ever made. Grant, Ricky and I did the whole thing ourselves. Riffs and lyrics were all written on the spot. We wrote 16 songs and picked 10 for the album. Ricky is now the co-singer / lyricist. He and I split up vocals pretty much 50/50 throughout the album. Musically, we tried pretty hard to rip RATM on most of it. Massive amount of swearing on it. The singer of Candlebox, Kevin Martin, has a guest vocal on a song, which is pretty sweet. Artwork was done by Cameron Gray. Got Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound to master the album."

Century - Red Giant

Prosthetic Records will tentatively release the album on August 30th and the track listing is as follows:

01. Lobotomy
02. Synapse
03. Oak God
04. My Lexicon
05. Dry Bride
06. Painting Leprosy
07. In Hell
08. Threats
09. Obelisk
10. Iconoclast

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