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All Else Failed explains reunion show, new EP

Monday, May 30, 2011 7:01 PM PT

Official press release:

We here at All Else Failed are extremely excited to be a part of the lineup for 2011's This Is Hardcore festival in Philadelphia, August 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th. We played the unofficial first version of this fest, which was a hastily organized group of shows at various locations in Philly after another festival fell apart last minute in Summer of 2005. Unfortunately, by the time Joe and his crew made TIH an official annual happening in 2006, we were fairly dysfunctional and by 2007 had completely disbanded. Joe gave us an open invite, and we always sort of knew that if and when we played again it would be at TIH, and 2011 seemed like the right time.

Our lineup for the show will be founding members Patrick Shannon, Luke Muir and Steve Wiegand, joined by long-time guitarist Dave Davies and drummer Joe Brown. Brown played with us from 2001-2003 and appeared on our record "This Never Happened" in 2004. Most recent drummer Jimmy Rhodes will unfortunately not be a part of the reunion for a few reasons, most of which are purely circumstantial. Jimmy is an awesome guy and an amazing drummer and it's a bummer things didn't work out. We really appreciate what he put into the band and there are absolutely no hard feelings on our end. I'm not sure if that feeling is mutual, but nonetheless we wish Jimmy the best for his future.

It wouldn't really be All Else Failed if there weren't ridiculously ill conceived and borderline impossible to accomplish "big plans" to temper our own excitement and enjoyment of every move we make. So, instead of just playing the fest, hanging out with old friends and getting all nostalgic and such, we thought it would be fun (and stressful) to challenge ourselves to write, record and release a record in time for the fest. It started as a lark, but we quickly found our stride again and as it stands we have five songs written and tentative plans to enter the studio in July. The EP is called "Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone" and if everything goes well it will be available for illegal download in time for TIH. Oh yeah, we also might have some copies you can buy too. And we promise we won't play any of those songs live, we know how boring new shit is. See you in August.

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