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Nora loses bassist, to tour the west coast

Monday, July 22, 2002 10:43 AM PT

Nora has parted ways with one of its original members, bassist Spliedt. The split is entirely amicable as Spliedt apparently doesn't share the same passion for the road and the band's sound as he used to. Here's a portion of a statement from him:

"It's extremely difficult to come to terms with yourself that something that you've poured every bit of your heart and soul into, no longer means to you what it once did. I'll be quick to admit that Nora is easily the coolest, biggest, most meaningful thing I've ever done with my life. Words cannot express what this band has meant to me and how proud I am of what we've done. But to be honest, I'm ready for something new."

As for the rest of the band, here's an excerpt of a statement from vocalist Carl Severson:

"It's weird when friends leave the band. Spliedt and I have spent countless hours in the van together, wishing we were sleeping in a hotel but watching ER marathon's instead, we've drawn each other's blood on stage, we've fought and we've generally had some of the most fun people can have together. It's depressing as fuck to realize his hearts not in it anymore, especially when it's something that still means so much to the rest of us. but there's no hard feeings, there were no fights. We just lost something... We'll be fine, we always are. We're good and we'll miss our friend."

At this time, the band has been working with bassist Tim Cuccolo, formerly of Ex Number Five. Spliedt will apparently remain with the group until August, at which time Tim will take over on a temporary, if not permanent basis, In related news, Nora will be making their first West Coast appearance (after four years of existence) as they have been added to several dates on the upcoming Eighteen Visions, Every Time I Die, etc. tour. They will be part of the tour from Sept. 3rd through the 8th, picking up in California and ending in Portland.

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