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Killswitch Engage vocalist and tour update

Saturday, July 6, 2002 9:43 AM PT

Killswitch Engage has now acknowledged that recently departed vocalist Jesse Leach will not be rejoining the band, "...he decided the band was not where he wanted to be and he quit. So it is all true, Jesse is gone and we the band have to pick up the pieces and keep this thing going." No surprise there. In any case, the band obviously needed a new vocalist, and after several tryouts and auditions, they have officially selected Howard Jones of Blood Has Been Shed. (According to one of our sources, there were three candidates and one of them was Tim Montera, formerly of Far From Within and currently in Still Your Enemy).

According to KsE, "Howard has the most amazing vocal range we have ever heard. Sing, scream, growl... the kid does it all, and very well I might add. I am sure some fans will be upset and doubt Howards abilities upon reading this, and that is to be expected (we are used to people not giving us a chance or turning their backs on us, so fuck it, this will be nothing new). Fact is kids, Howard far exceeded our expectations and continues too everyday, he can do anything jesse was able to do and more... no lie."

Since Howard needs time to get up to speed with the band, they will apparently be joining the Kittie/Poison The Well/Shadows Fall tour a week late. They were originally slated to start the tour on the 16th, but Kittie wants them to start on the 23rd, so things are still up in the air. The good news is (for some of you at least) there's a strong possibility that Killswitch Engage will be playing at Hellfest next weekend. Stay tuned...

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