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Vital Remains seeks lead guitarist, drummer

Thursday, March 03, 2011 9:45 AM PT

Providence, Rhode Island death metal band Vital Remains is currently in search of both a lead guitarist and a drummer. The following requirements have been put forth:

"Good gear and good attitude. Must have valid passport, valid drivers license, and clean criminal record! If you are chosen you must relocate to Rhode Island. No Acceptions! Must be able to tour anytime, anywhere, without question. NO Druggies, Junkies, Pot Heads, Burnouts, Lazy, Need Not Apply! Also, no dead beats with there hands out need apply as well! (Team Players only) We are looking for a long term dedicated musicians who wants to work hard."

Here are the audition instructions:

"Please make a video of yourself playing solos off the songs "Icons of Evil" and "Dechristianize." Also include a bio, CD and a list of anything you might have done in the past. If we like what we see, you will be contacted and asked to come out for a live audition. You will be responsible for covering your own flights and living costs while you are here."

Interested parties are to send an email here.

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