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Caliban to record album of covers

Monday, February 7, 2011 11:29 PM PT / 6,022 views
German metal/hardcore band Caliban has announced plans to record an album of cover songs this month. The group has issued the following update: "It's time for some exciting news: we're heading towards the studio in a week's time to record cover songs! Our friend and producer Benny Richter will be keeping an eye on us again and we're hyper excited about how the results are going to sound like. We're not revealing the secret of which songs we will be covering exactly, (yet!), but if you visited our last European Winter Tour you might have catched us performing Rammstein's 'Sonne,' which will be one of the 10 songs we are recording. Talking about the other 9 songs, we chose from the very best classics and milestones of our youth, but we will also surprise you with some more current cover songs. And we promise, we're not just sticking to one genre! Of course we want to keep you as close as possible to the production process and there are going to be pictures and even a special Caliban TV episode recorded at the studio. "If you're wondering when this jewel will be available to you, we will have to ask you to practice patience until April/May. We assure you, it's worth waiting."

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