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Antigama recording new material

Official press release: Antigama recently entered Progresja Studio in Warsaw, Poland to record a handful of new tracks. The band recorded with Pawel Grabowski and the songs were mixed and produced by Szymon Czech. The new tracks will appear on an upcoming split CD with Italy's Psychofagist. Additional information on the split will be made available shortly along with audio previews. Additionally, Antigama has almost completed writing for a brand new full-length and follow-up album to 2009's Warning. The band is set to record again with Szymon Czech in spring 2011. 2011 marks the 10th anniversary for Antigama. The band is planning a special anniversary show toward the end of the year along with a CD compilation of their 10-year recorded history. Regular updates and additional information will be posted via the new Antigama blog.

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