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Throwdown to release their own EP

Tuesday, June 25, 2002 10:53 PM PT / 4,152 views
Throwdown will be releasing their own five-song EP, which will be entitled "Face The Mirror." The CD will only be available from the band on tour, and not in stores. Consisting of four new songs and a re-recording of "Baby Got Back" (which previously appeared on the "Too Legit For The Pit" compilation), the intention of the EP is to tide over fans while the band deals with record label "bullshit," which will delay the release of their next full-length. Although the material on the EP was recorded last November, the band feels the songs are "very representative of our new material and we think it contains some of our heaviest breakdowns." Here's the track listing: 1. Face The Mirror 2. Live Life. No Rules. 3. Into Me 4. Nothing Left 5. Baby Got Back

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