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A389 Recordings signs two bands

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 5:13 PM PT

A389 Recordings has signed two bands, Ancient Shores and Full Of Hell. The label had the following to say:

"Ancient Shores from West Virginia is the band I can definitely credit with being the best new band submitted in 2010 for us to check out. Imagine the blunt intensity of Coalesce crossed with the heaviness of Cursed with a little bit of Deadguy-ish riffing in the mix and that will give you an idea of what this band is about. The band is wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut 7" for A389 titled 'Step To The Edge.' You can check out a song 'BTK' in our media player. Prepare to be floored. So heavy.

"Full Of Hell are from the MD/PA area and I've followed these guys for quite a bit now. They sent in a demo years ago that showed a lot of promise but still needed some work. After a couple of 7"s on Get It Right Records the opportunity came around again to do a record for these guys and we jumped on the opportunity. Fans of Cursed, Rot In Hell and Page 99 will not be all over this band if they aren't already. Full Of Hell will be recording their yet to be named debut full-length for A389 this summer. Check out their track 'Black Iron' now streaming in the media player. Euros be sure to catch them on tour in Europe with Goldust this month!"

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