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Killwhitneydead announces new releases

Monday, December 20, 2010 5:00 PM PT / 5,413 views
Official press release: Killwhitneydead has announced plans to release both a new album and 7" in 2011. The band has issued the following update: "It's cool and wintery here in North Carolina and we figured we would officially announce our plans for 2011 now. Yes, after almost 4 years we will be releasing a new album this summer entitled, 'Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.' It is projected to have 10 tracks on it and will be very different from previous albums in all regards. We hope that KWD fans will evolve with us, as you are in store for possibly the heaviest KWD material to date. To prelude the album's release will be also be issuing the Heartbreaker 7"/CDEP which is to include exclusive new songs and cover of Pat Benatar's classic track (a karaoke favorite of Matt KWD)." "Ever Thin. Ever Min. Ever Ours" tentative tracks: Serpents & Lies Demons Consume Zombie Sexxx Nature Of The Beast Suffer My Wrath Slaughtering Celebrity Replicates R Us Tyrant Enthroned Evil Lives Within

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