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Unsane, etc. members form 'project label'

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 5:53 PM PT / 3,466 views

Official press release: New York based "project label" Coextinction Recordings has opened its doors for business by announcing an impressive upcoming release schedule. The innovative, online music label – set in motion with the goal to "promote an artist and fan friendly community while trying to create a home for unique and special moments in music" – will operate out of Translator Audio, a two studio professional analog and digital recording facility located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. All of the label's releases will be made available for purchase at its website beginning Monday, November 15. Owned and operated by professional musicians Dave Curran (Unsane, Players Club), James Paradise (Fresh Kills, Players Club), producer Andrew Schneider and Chris Spencer (Unsane), Coextinction Recordings offers an artist and music fan friendly community and digital downloads of its exclusive releases (as opposed to traditional record pressing/product distribution). With no interest in signing artists or releasing full length albums, the intent of Coextinction Recordings is to instead work with bands on creative, one time project(s). With the ability to record bands at its Brooklyn base of operation, the label looks to keep its recording sessions "fast and dirty" and the studio atmosphere "loose and creative," thereby capturing "a vibrant and unique snapshot or moment in the existence of the band or artist" involved. "By removing the pressures of making a full record or the perfect single, the plan instead is to provide a chance for the artist to take a moment in the studio to experiment and explore new ideas," commented Schneider. "The engineering will follow the same ethos; set up is fast, sounds are often not pretty and the main focus is on keeping the session moving. The time limitations will force quick decisions, unplanned techniques and often very cool surprises." "Having talked about starting a label for too long it was time to act," stated Curran. "I use the term 'label' loosely, as this is more of an "avenue for good music to freely exist and have a home for all to enjoy." By offering digital downloads exclusively, we can redirect our budgets and offer our artists things that we deem important. For example, free recording time, free artwork and free video downloads. As a result, the bands and fans both benefit and we're able to improve services to both. Our setup also facilitates touring acts coming in on a day off for a session with minimum hassle, thus expanding our roster and providing more one-of-a-kind music for the fans. A session with Shrinebuilder was our first recording; it happened during the time when the band got stuck in NYC after the Iceland volcano eruption of this past April. This was the springboard we needed to get going and everything seemed to fall into place soon afterward!" Coextinction Recordings has outlined its release schedule for the remainder of 2010 and on through early 2011. The upcoming recordings-as-digital-downloads will feature the following artists: November 15, 2010: UNSANE December 15, 2010: GOES CUBE January 15, 2011: SHIRINEBUILDER February 15, 2011: PIGS March 15, 2011: JULIE CHRISTMAS April 15, 2011: FRESH KILLS

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