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Dillinger Escape Plan car accident, more

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 8:40 PM PT

Last week Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Benjamin Weinman and band manager Tom Apostolopoulos were involved in a car accident that left Weinman with a punctured eardrum, concussion, along with bumps and bruises, while Apostolopoulos reportedly emerged from the accident looking like "Mikhail Gorbachev would look after going 12 rounds with Lennox Lewis." Luckily, both of them are doing well and the mishap will not affect any of the bands upcoming shows. In related news, look for the band to post some audio from their upcoming Epitaph Records EP, "Irony Is A Dead Scene" within the next week or so. The band is also currently working on a North American tour to support the EP, so expect more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are their upcoming shows:

6/18 New Haven CT @ Toads w/ Drowningman
6/19 Cleveland OH @ Agora Theater w/ Drowningman
6/20 Detroit MI @ Shelter At. St. Andrew's w/ Drowningman
6/21 Chicago IL @ Fireside Bowl
6/22 Louisville KT @ Krazy Fest
7/6 Burlington VT @ Monsterfest
7/12 Syracuse NY @ Hellfest

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