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Arma Angelus calling it quits

Chicago's Arma Angelus have decided to call it quits this Summer. The band will be playing their last out-of-town show at Hellfest, in addition to one final show in Chicago, which will be announced soon. Additionally, the band will be releasing one final recording entitled "I Saved Latin" on a yet to be named label. Here's a statement from the band regarding their break up: "The goal of Arma Angelus was to express and stimulate discourse within the punk and hardcore community and to express our distaste for apathy and uncaring, which we felt had become ideals with in the community. Recently we have felt as though we came to a standstill, as a band that always functioned on being uncool and negative energy we have been through what could be considered a revolving door line-up and it has taken it's toll. We have recently found ourselves becoming more and more busy with other projects and haveing less time for Arma. Members have now gone on to other hardcore projects including The Kill Pill ( and The Killing Tree (One Day Savior records) and two more punk projects Rise Against (Fat Wreckords) and Fall Out Boy (, so this is not the last you will hear of us. We wanted to take the time to thank Eulogy records for their endless support, Jim Grimes at Handsome Devil booking, all of our friends worldwide, and all the of the kids not consumed by the callous and uncaring attitudes spewed forth by many of the bands out there."

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