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Autumn Offering's substance abuse problem?

Thursday, September 23, 2010 1:16 PM PT / 9,485 views
The following bulletin (purportedly a statement from singer Matt McChesney) was posted earlier this week via The Autumn Offering's Myspace account: "While it's true that the reason the tour was cancelled was that Silent Civilian's drummer became ill, they are not 100 percent to blame. In my defense, I was one of the only ones in the band willing to try and make it happen anyway. Two of the guys decided to go home, even though we could have at least played the first show. So to our fans in Tucson, and to Kittie, we are very sorry. I have realized that my addictions have become a problem, and I need to address them, which I am doing now. I am not the only one in the band with a substance abuse problem, and the other member has assured me he is getting help as well. We are talking this month to get well, so we can continue to make great music and kick ass for all of you. Again, I am very sorry...and WE WILL BE BACK BY NOVEMBER!" Though we can't definitely confirm the above statement's authenticity, we can confirm that the band's tour with Silent Civilian has indeed been cancelled.

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